Made in an under developed country

I am a product of tragedy.

Raw Materials: My food is produced from the gross mismanagement of workers and land from which it came. Children working rather than going to a poorly funded and maintained school. Forests devastated. Trees cut. Animals lose homes.


Clothes: Produced in factories with horrendous conditions. Buildings not even close to regulation. Death and disease aren’t uncommon. Companies claim they can’t afford insurance or better conditions. It would raise prices by cents.

Bangladesh Building Collapse

Technology: “Recycled” parts gather in dunes of chemicals and waste. African children walk barefoot on the circuits and motherboards. They collect the precious metals and infections.


Pets: My dog came from a breeder in Montana. Millions die in pounds every year. Strays crowd the streets in many cities.

Too sad for picture

House: I live in a nice house in the suburbs. Citizens of Rio live in packed ghettos hidden behind walls. Gangs rule the communities. Others have no home. Poverty or natural disasters stole from them.


Race: I am not white. I live equally alongside all other races. Billions have been oppressed. Slavery. Persecution. Race wars. Hate crimes. I have experienced none because others suffered for me. They led the civil rights movement. Their deaths sparked change.


Energy: Pollution is widespread. Appalachian men forced into coal mining. Coal miners get cancer. Oil spills kill millions of animals. The wealthiest prosper while everyone else suffers.



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