Bubble Toes

Yesterday, I scavenged through some of my mom’s old CD’s to see if I could add some vibes to the otherwise banal chore of driving. For some time now my phone has been broken—it was run over by a car on Christmas and my laze prevented me from calling Verizon until now—so I scarcely hear music due to my distaste for the inundation of shallow popular music on the radio. After a difficult number of drafts,  Lenny Kravitz, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, the Beastie Boys, the Black Eyed Peas, the Shrek soundtrack, KC and the Sunshine Band, an album of popular Disney movie songs, my cousin’s band, Alien Ant Farm, and Jack Johnson were added to the roster. I mainly recruited the suggestions of my mom and albums I vaguely remember from my waning childhood memories, hence the addition  of the Shrek soundtrack.

Soon after, I drove to Office Depot in order to purchase an ink cartridge for our printer. On my first trip—I got the wrong size cartridge—Lenny Kravitz stole the show. His vibe wasn’t all too new to me but it was a welcomed divergence from the typically ska I listen to. The following drive to Office Depot was blissful. The playful lyrics of Jack Johnson danced about the car. Nostalgia overwhelmed me. I felt a resurgence of childhood curiosity, of love and passion, and for seeing and doing.

In my scheduled and often monotonous lifestyle there is very little room for whimsicality and jubilation. Often task to task, school gets boring. The


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